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We are looking for the professional, entrepreneur, or taxidermy mount owner that enjoys their trophy room and all the fond memories of the many hunts. One that knows the importance of regular routine maintenance and does not want bugs chewing on their dusty trophy taxidermy mounts. They also know that they can keep their spouse happy by having the cleanest trophies, and the best looking trophies among their friends. I am sure this is you and you made the right choice inviting us to preserve your trophies.
Our services are not for you if you are pinching pennies. You do not care what your trophies look like. Your trophy room consists of a couple of heads and you can’t or don’t want to see how bad they look. You couldn’t care less about your trophies and you have cheap friends. If this is you, please cancel our visit to your trophies.
Who is Trophy DOC? Forrest Ketner is a business owner of Trophy DOC, Unmatched Appraisal Services, and Ketner Taxidermy. In this role, Forrest Ketner manages all aspects of providing excellent services for his customers, including taxidermy, appraisals and restoration.
A man of faith, Forrest Ketner supports his local church with his time and talents. Forrest has been doing taxidermy work since 1982 and is a licensed Taxidermist in Pennsylvania. He is also a certified Appraiser through Certified Appraiser Guild of America or CAGA.
Forrest is no stranger to taxidermy, having spent more than 35 years in the trade, and cleaning and preserving trophies since 2000. After all of his experiences, he decided to make his expertise available to the public thru Trophy DOC starting in 2010.
Forrest's background in taxidermy provides the perfect foundation for sharing his knowledge on his website and various books he has written on His book Taxidermy Mount Care was published on Amazon along with a series of How to Learn Taxidermy books. Forrest has also authored some magazine articles.
Forrest is available for private consultations, and can be reached by calling 570-452-1981 or on his website
Taxidermy mounts and bugs.
Do your taxidermy mounts have bugs? We have an answer for you. If your taxidermy mounts do have bugs, and you are seeing some signs of damage, here is your answer.
First, the problem that you have is caused by insects that destroy the hide, hair, and horns on taxidermy mounts and tanned skins. This problem cannot be ignored or you could lose these pieces completely. Symptoms to this problem will be hair loss, sawdust-like dirt around the horns, hoofs, feet, and on the floor or furniture under your taxidermy mounts. You may even find what looks like little rice crispies on your trophy mounts. These are the shells of the bugs as they are shed for the bug to grow. 
The reason that the bugs are now more of an issue is that tanneries are no longer using arsenic, or anything else with residual protection. Now your mounts have no protection against these hungry and destructive insects. Your taxidermist has no control over them, nor do exterminating companies know what to do with taxidermy mounts and bugs. Every year thousands of trophy mounts are needlessly destroyed by bugs.
What is that sawdust doing under my mounts? Why is the hair falling off my mount??
That sawdust is bug dirt. They have been feeding on your mount and creating damage. The first place to check on your mount is around the horns or antlers. On cats and bears, look at their feet. The enemy is called a Dermestid, which is the larvae stage of some 700 different beetles. This is what the Wikipedia has to say about them...From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Dermestid Beetles
Dermestidae are a family of Coleoptera that are commonly referred to as skin beetles. Other common names include Larder beetle, Hide or Leather beetles, Carpet beetles, and Khapra beetles. There are approximately 500 to 700 species worldwide. They can range in size from 1–12 mm…
Dermestids have a variety of habits; most generally are scavengers that feed on dry animal or plant material such as skin or pollen, animal hair, feathers, dead insects and natural fibers. Members of Dermestids are found in animal carcasses, while others may be found in mammal, bird, bee, or wasp nests. These beetles are significant in forensic entomology. Some species are known to be associated with decaying carcasses which help with criminal investigations. Some species are pests (urban entomology) and can cause extensive damage to natural fibers in homes and businesses. They are used in taxidermy and natural history museums to clean animal skeletons.
Our process of taking care of your mounts will stop this damage.
Don't let your mount fall apart before having us preserve your trophies!
You could be killing your trophy again! Without proper care you can be causing the demise of your mount quicker than you think. By neglect or maybe with too much attention your mount's life could be getting shorter, not longer. Learn the 6 ways you could be harming your mounts in our consultation after your preservation.
Dirty spot in a clean room
One thing not mentioned in my book Taxidermy Mount Care, but has come to my attention is dirt in a clean room. I have seen some of the fanciest trophy collections in gorgeous rooms that are clean. But I can find spots in those rooms that are feeding grounds for harmful bugs. These bugs love protein and any collection of dead bugs, spiders, or dirt and this creates a breeding ground for these harmful bugs. These areas are neglected by most home owners and house-keepers, cleaners, and staff.
From the floor the room looks clean,but climb a ladder and look around. This spot could have been neglected since the house was built, or maybe yours gets cleaned with a thorough Spring cleaning. Check out your own house and the area I'm talking about is on top of the molding at your doors and windows. Get your vacuum out and suck these areas off and then wipe them down.  The accumulation of dead stuff is a snack bar for the same bugs that will eat your mounts.
We have the answer! There is a solution to this problem with taxidermy mounts and bugs. Our company, Trophy DOC, with 35 plus years in the taxidermy trade, has been treating trophy mounts since 2000. We treat each mount individually without removing it from where it is hanging or sitting.
Preserving Taxidermy Trophy Mounts from Bugs.
Trophy DOC is available to help you maintain your mounts, and you should have them taken care of to prevent any future damage by letting us bug-proof your mounts. We recommend cleaning and preservation every 2 to 3 years which will keep your trophies at their finest. We travel the lower 48 states to serve our customers. We can be there in a couple of days for an extra price, or if it is not an emergency, you can schedule us to come when we are in your area. Right now we cover the country up to 6 times a year.
You can call 570-452-1981 for more information or feel free to email us at
Consider professional cleaning, bug-proofing, and restoration. We bring your trophies back to life. We travel nationwide right to your trophy room! No packing or shipping.
Call the Trophy DOC today! 570-452-1981
We offer to clean your trophies in your trophy room. We clean the mount with our special formula and condition the horns or antlers. The formula cleans, bug-proofs, and conditions the hair, and the conditioner brings the color back into the horns or antlers and makes the mount look fresh and more alive.
We detail the mount by fixing any cracks or damage it might have sustained and restore it to its maximum potential. Certified Taxidermy Appraiser
Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Trophy DOC:

What some of our customers are saying about Trophy DOC:

“While a taxidermist can preserve the memory of a hunt for a few years, Forrest and Trophy Doc will preserve the memory for a lifetime.  I trust Trophy Doc and only Trophy Doc for all of my taxidermy preservation needs.  You should too.”   

“Forrest is professional, quick and efficient.”
Prescott AZ

Because of the professional way you have treated our modest collection of shoulder mounts, you are our “Go to Guy’'” for their long term care.

This is a note to thank you for the excellent work you did for us on our trophy room this past summer.  Your prompt and timely service was appreciated and our Safari Room has never looked better than when you completed the cleaning and treatment of our trophies.  I would highly recommend the work and service provided by The Trophy DOC.  The pricing was fair, reasonable,  and very competitive with other providers.  Thanks again. 
"Forrest Ketner ...his work ethic and performance were exemplary. His knowledge as a taxidermist is unsurpassed. He touched up some areas on my older trophies, repaired a damaged one, and advised me greatly in trophy room layout (which is an art in itself) ....."
Stingl Products
Prescott Valley, AZ

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