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Forrest A. Ketner is a Certified Taxidermy Appraiser

The taxidermy collection is one of the largest investments that our clients own.

The collection should be documented to protect the assets of this collection.

 Being a certified Personal Property Taxidermy Appraiser we can document your collection and appraise it for proper protection.

With the lack of documentation your mounts may not be covered for the investment you have in them.

 Being in the taxidermy field since 1982, over 30 years, we know how important your investment in your mounts is and how they should be protected.

We make routine trips across the lower 48 states and will be glad to make arrangements to appraise your taxidermy mounts,

We also appraise other items that you may need such as



African collectibles


And more…

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Certified Taxidermy Appraiser