Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take care of the bugs on my own?
No. In fact, doing it yourself could cause your taxidermy mounts even more damage.
There is a proper technique to taking care of your trophies for bug-proofing. Doing things improperly can
cause even more damage and shorten the lives of your trophies.  Please leave the preservation and treatments to us.

Can my local taxidermist take care of treating my trophies for bugs?
This would be like calling your carpenter to treat your house for termites. A taxidermist knows how to assemble your trophies just like your carpenter knows how to assemble your house, but neither one has much knowledge of preservation and bug killing. Their expertise is in assembly where ours is in preservation.

Can every trophy be saved by using Trophy DOC?
No. Not every trophy can be saved. Sometimes it is just too late and too much damage has been done before we arrive. We have seen some taxidermy mounts and also have pictures on our site where the hair is completely loose, or even missing by the time we are called.

Can you fix trophies that are missing hair?
It really depends on how much hair is missing and how visible it is. We try to save each trophy
but some are just too far gone when we arrive. This is why our process is much better done as a proactive measure instead of waiting too long and doing it as a reactive measure.

How long does it take?
Most rooms take a day or two as we can treat about 50 pieces a day. It depends on how easy the trophies are to reach and how much ladder work  is required for your room.

Could I just use some Bug Killer in a can?
No! This is the wrong type of product for the job and cause more damage.

How long have you been treating taxidermy trophies?
Forrest, our owner, started doing preservation in 2000. Trophy DOC started full time in 2010 and Forrest has been a taxidermist since 1982.

Who is Trophy DOC?
Forrest Ketner is a business owner of Trophy DOC, Unmatched Appraisal Services, and Ketner Taxidermy. In this role, Forrest Ketner manages all aspects of providing excellent services for his customers, including taxidermy, appraisals and restoration.

A man of faith, Forrest Ketner supports his local church with his time and talents. Forrest has been doing taxidermy work since 1982 and is a licensed Taxidermist in Pennsylvania. He is also a certified Appraiser through Certified Appraiser Guild of America or CAGA.

Forrest is no stranger to taxidermy, having spent more than 35 years in the trade, and cleaning and preserving trophies since 2000. After all of his experiences, he decided to make his expertise available to the public thru Trophy DOC starting in 2010.

Forrest's background in taxidermy provides the perfect foundation for sharing his knowledge on his website and various books he has written on His book Taxidermy Mount Care was published on Amazon along with   Learn Modern Taxidermy book. Forrest has also authored some magazine articles.

Forrest is available for private consultations, and can be reached by calling 570-452-1981 or on his website