Do your taxidermy mounts have bugs?
We have an answer for you... If your taxidermy mounts have bugs, and you are seeing some signs of damage here is your answer.

First the problem that you have is insects that destroy the hide, hair, and horns on taxidermy mounts and tanned skins. This problem cannot be ignored or you could lose these pieces completely.

Symptoms to this problem will be hair loss, sawdust like dirt around the horns, hoofs, feet, and on the floor or furniture under your taxidermy mounts. You may even find what looks like little rice crispies on your trophy mounts, these are the shell of the bugs as they shed them to grow.

Reason that the bugs are now more of an issue is tanneries are no longer using arsenic, or anything else with residual protection. Now your mounts have no protection against these hungry, and destructive insects. Your taxidermist has no control over them, nor do exterminating companies know what to do with taxidermy mounts and bugs. Every year thousands of trophy mounts are needlessly destroyed by bugs.

We have the Answer there is a solution to this problem with taxidermy mounts and bugs. Our company Trophy DOC with 35 plus years in the taxidermy trade has been treating trophy mounts since 2000. We treat each mount individualy

Trophy DOC is available to help you maintain your mounts, and you should have them taken care of to prevent any future damage by letting us bug proof your mounts.

We travel the lower 48 states to serve our customers, we can be there in a couple days for an extra price or if it is not an emergency you can schedule us to come when we are in your area. Right now we cover the country three to four times a year.

You can call 570-452-1981 for more information. Or feel free to email at .

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